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Discussing Communion at Ekklesia

May 30, 2010

Tonight we’ll be discussing communion at Ekklessia.  We’ll be looking at a historical and Biblical understanding of communion and discuss how it wouldbe practiced among gatherings like Ekklesia.


Discovering Your Ministry Identity

May 18, 2010

Bob has been doing a great job leading our current discussion series. We’ve spent a good amount of time talking about Spiritual Gifts and discovering the uniques ways God has equipped each of us for his service.  See you Saturday.

Discovering Your Ministry Indentity

April 10, 2010

Tonight we are beginning a new discussion based on the book Discovering Your Ministry Identity by Paul Ford.  Bob will be leading our discussion over the next couple of weeks.  I’ll be there at 6PM for dinner.  We’ll begin our discussion at 7.

Happy Easter

April 3, 2010

Tonight at Ekklesia we will be thinking about the Passion and the Resurrection of Jesus.  We’ll add some historical details about what was going on in Jerusalem in 30 AD that shed some light on why some of the participants in the Passion acted in the way they did.  I look forward to seeing you.

Looking at Options For Our Next Series

March 21, 2010

This last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday a few of us from ekklesia, participated in an amazing experience called “Tracking the Spirit.”  It was presented by Denny Langston and Denny Lorenz.  They introduced us to a book called, “Discovering Your Ministry Identity.”  It may be a good choice for our next theme.  Please bring other ideas for our next theme with you to our next gathering.  I’ll be there at 6PM for dinner for all who would like to fellowship before we kick things off at 7PM at the Pancake House.

Relational Discipleship: Personal Bible Study

March 6, 2010

As we continue our discussion of relational discipleship, we are practicing the book overview method of Bible study by going through the book of Ephesians.  If you don’t have the handout, reading the book of Ephesians once or twice will help you prepare for our discussion tonight.  You can also download the handout in the screen on the right.

See you at 6PM for Dinner or 7 PM for discussion and prayer.

Relational Discipleship

February 21, 2010

Tonight we are focusing on the “how to” elements of discipling others.  I look forward to seeing you.